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12m 30s

Leopard Print Cake Painting

This training teaches how to add leopard print design to your cakes.

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29m 29s

Graduation Cap Training

In this course you will learn to create a fondant graduation cap and diploma. These are very popular for graduation parties.

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50m 39s

Teapot Apple

This two video training will teach you how to make LaShell's Teapot Apple.

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18m 33s

Butterfly Truffles

This course covers creating truffles with rice paper butterflies added. It will also cover caramel filling and painting.

class image
18m 35s

Royal Pretzel Rods

2 video training course teaching how to make these AMAZING pretzel rods.

class image
46m 18s

Royal Oreos

In this training LaShell will teach you to make her Royal Oreos.

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1h 3m 48s

Complete Basic Strawberry Prep & Design

This complete and comprehensive course teaches everything to need to know to make perfect chocolate covered strawberries.

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36m 36s

Watermelon Basket - Basic Carving

In this training LaShell will teach you to make her carved watermelon basket. These make great centerpieces for your clients and event tables.

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24m 12s

Watercolor Strawberries

In this training you will learn to create watercolor strawberries.

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