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2h 58m 54s

3-D Bulldog Cake Training

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a 3D Bulldog Cake relaxing with realism!

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1h 22m 25s
1 Students

Basic Cakes Super Course: Fondant and Iced Cakes

This complete, no fluff course will teach you the basics of how to create perfect fondant and iced cakes from beginning to end.

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2h 29m 10s

Minion Apple

7 Video - Almost 3 hour training teaches in detail how to create and design LaShell's Minion Apple

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1h 27m 58s

Fondant Pillow Cake

This course will teach you the steps to creating a fondant pillow cake.

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1h 34m 24s
1 Students

LV Purse Cake

This 7 video training covers 2 hours of detailed instructions on how to create LaShell's signature LV Purse cake.

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12m 30s

Leopard Print Cake Painting

This training teaches how to add leopard print design to your cakes.

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